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    HMM, Professional metalworking

    Are you a manufacturer of machines, electrical devices, storage systems, furniture or decorative elements? Are you in an industry that uses steel processing? You hit perfectly!

    We are a company that deals with comprehensive metal processing. We provide a wide range of services for you, such as laser cutting, sheet metal bending, powder coating, metal surface finishing and welding services. We pride ourselves on the level and quality of our services. We help other companies and manufacturers keep the high quality of their products. Laser cutting and sheet metal bending as well as welding services account for 80%. tasks entrusted to us. Isn’t it a lot? This is all because, being aware of the industry, we keep all parameters, so that laser cutting and bending sheet metal are done perfectly, and welding extremely aesthetically.


    We strive to meet the expectations of our customers and approach each one individually

    We perfectly understand that they have different needs. When ordering polishing or satin finishing from us, the customer can be sure that the detail subjected to this process will have an impeccable appearance. However, by commissioning us welding services, our partner is guaranteed that his product will be durable, safe to use and aesthetic.


    We work on the best materials

    There are many factors that determine whether a customer’s service will meet the highest standards.One of the most important is the quality of the processed material.

    We make sure that structural steel, stainless steel and other steel on which we work are of good quality and came from proven producers.

    Obróbka metalu w Twojej okolicy