Sheet CNC bending

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending is a form of machining that is widely used in many industries. Therefore, our offer includes one of the most modern methods of forming sheet metal using the highest class numerically
controlled press brakes. The use of this technology ensures high precision, minimizes the risk of error and allows you to maintain a tolerance range for linear and angular bending dimensions. Thanks to it, we
ensure serial repeatability of manufactured elements.


Plastic sheet processing made in our company is so precise because when choosing the method of bending the sheet metal and the press on which we carry out the order, we take into account the
parameters of the detail, the type of material being processed, as well as the purpose of the bent element. Everything is considered individually so as to get the best effect of sheet metal folding.



We bend very complicated shapes thanks to our press brakes which give the possibility of forming many curves. Modern machines guarantee no imperfections even when processing very complex parts.



The Ermaksan Speed-Bend Pro

The Ermaksan Speed-Bend Pro press brake has a pressure of up to 175 tons with the possibility of bending elements up to 3000 mm in length.

Bystronic Xpert 40 press brake

With pressure up to 40 tons and a maximum bending length of 1030mm.

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