Laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal

Sheet metal laser cutting technology is currently the most popular form of its processing. The range of possibilities it offers is huge. With its help, we can get very complex shapes of small sizes. This method,
used using high-class machines we have, allows us to achieve the highest quality of elements, while maintaining their repeatability.
Our qualified team always makes sure that the cut elements keep the range of dimensional tolerance and are aesthetic, eliminating or minimizing the formation of hail or chips during sheet metal processing.

Technical parameters

We perform laser cutting on various types of sheets with a maximum sheet size of 3000 × 1500 mm.
The sheet thickness may not exceed in the case of:

  • Structural steel – 20 mm
  • Stainless steel – 15 mm
  • Aluminum – 15 mm
  • Brass – 8 mm
  • Copper – 8 mm


Professional steel processing in the field of laser cutting constitutes a significant part of our orders. That is why we make every effort to modernize the production line so that the implementation of the serviceruns smoothly.


We have two technologies of laser cutting – Fiber and CO2:


BySmart Fiber 4 kW

Thanks to which the process of cutting thin and medium thick bales is accelerated, and the costs incurred by the customer are minimized.


BySprint Pro 4,4 kW

Allows us to achieve high quality cutting edges in the case of thick sheets, while optimizing production costs.

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