Laser tube and profile cutting

Laser tube cutting

Laser tube cutting is distinguished by high precision and aesthetic value of workmanship. Cut-out elements do not require additional processing. Our company has modern and efficient equipment. We process open and closed profiles. We also cut angles and channels. We complete orders regarding materials with round and rectangular cross-sections. We pay great attention to the automation of operations, which allows us to ensure high quality and reduce possible errors related to workmanship.

Laser tube cutting — parameters

We provide a wide range of services. The maximum length of tubes that we are able to load into the machine is 6500 mm, while the maximum length of cut-out elements is 4000 mm. The maximum weight of the tubes that we process is 17 kg/m. In addition, we process materials with many profiles (including U, C, L, O, □, ▭ profiles). We provide services on elements with round cross-section (ranging from 10 to 130 mm) and rectangular cross-section (ranging from 10×10 mm to 130×130 mm).

Laser tube and profile cutting is carried out with the use of a modern numerically controlled machine. The maximum linear speed of the X, Y, Z axes is 200/60/60 m/min. The maximum rotational speed of the spindles is 250 rpm. The machine is also characterised by high accuracy of positioning of the X, Y, Z axes (at the level of 0.1 mm).

Laser profile cutting — advantages of ByTube Star 130

We use ByTube Star 130 to cut elements. The machine uses proven technologies and an easy-to-use interface. The advantages of the machine include:

  • automation of operations that allows laser profile cutting without interruptions for manual entry of parameters,
  • the ability to process different types of materials, including open profiles and ellipses,
  • excellent productivity and quality thanks to the Quick Cut function,
  • an additional linear head axis for very good cutting speed,
  • high precision even when cutting low-quality elements and
  • the Laserscan system along with active tube support allow compensation of tube bending.

Professional laser profile cutting at HMM Steel

HMM Steel specialises in processing various types of metals. We have advanced technical facilities, thanks to which we perform laser profile cutting with high accuracy. Our advantages also include experienced staff that takes care of the implementation of services in accordance with the expectations of our customers. Our specialists verify each stage of production and provide advice on choosing optimum solutions. Feel free to contact us to learn more details about our offer.

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