Welding services


Welding services performed In our factory are not only a guarantee of quality and durability, but also safety! Customers for whom we weld various types of elements are surethat they are resistant and will not disintegrate under the influence of mechanical forces.carried out are in accordance with all safety regulations and standards, and the coordinator oversees the course of work.


We carry out orders on the basis of documentation prepared by the customer or if the project requires it – we prepare them ourselves.

We have modern equipment that allows us to carry out any welding work precisely.

What do we weld?

We combine elements such as parts of hall equipment systems and production lines (including steelshelves, frames used for the production of mechanical devices), furniture accessories
and decorative (bases and legs for tables, chair frames and shelves, lamps), as well as elements used in the medical industry.


We mainly weld stainless and structural steel, but we also have experience in machining aluminum. Welding services have that the most important factor determining high quality is the reliable hand of a good specialist. Both TIG welding and MIG / MAG welding in our company are carried out by employees with extensive experience who are constantly improving their capabilities by participating in courses improving their qualifications.


Sustainability is one thing and aesthetics is another – it is not mutually exclusive with us! Thanks to specialized and experienced professionals, we maintain high quality connections both in terms of strength and aesthetics. We specialize in welding work using the TIG and MIG / MAG methods.

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