Why us?

Specialized team

People and high quality are the pillars of our brand! Due to the fact that our employees are thefoundation of our activity, we can provide services at the highest level. A carefully selected team of
experts, but also enthusiasts of what they do, every day takes care to meet your expectations. Over individual technological processes and at every stage of contact a specialist supervises the client. In this
way, we always execute orders entrusted to us with attention to details and technical parameters. Caring for the highest level of customer service, our specialists are always available to you, offering professional advice.


Always on time

As a reliable partner for cooperation, we respect your time and carry out the tasks entrusted to us, in accordance with the set deadline.

A large number of orders entrusted to us are components of various types of machine parts, devices or systems, which are one of the elements of the entire production process. We know perfectly well that time counts here. Each of us has some time obligations, we towards you and you towards our customers. We don’t make promises without express delivery, but we guarantee that everything will be on time!


Human is the future

We are aware that an appreciated employee isn’t only loyal and devoted, but approaches his work with a better attitude.

Thanks to the fact that our employees are respected and their contribution to performed duties meets our great appreciation, the atmosphere at work is friendly, which directly translates into high quality of services and appropriate attitude to the client as well as a high degree of commitment. Respecting our employees, we also respect customers! We pay special attention to the relationship prevailing inside the company and outside – in dealings with partners. We are proud that the time spent at work isn’t an unpleasant obligation for our team, but is a challenge thanks to which they can grow and climb higher. The commitment of our employees is due to their willingness, not necessity. In HMM, you just want to work!


Individual approach

Every customer is important for us, we respond to your needs.

We are not afraid of challenges and we are happy to take orders that take into account the special wishes of the customer The implementation of even unusual orders at the highest level is our standard, which is no exception. Your expectations are for us an indicator of further cooperation, because we realize what our customers care about! By paying special attention to communication with the client, as well as inside the company, we achieve the best results, which results in a very high level of satisfaction with working with us.

Distance is not a problem

We serve clients from around Kraków, as well as Warsaw, Katowice, Łódź, Rzeszów, Gliwice, Krosno, Poznań and Germany. We accept orders from all over Poland, as well as from abroad! The entire stage of contact with the client, sending all documentation, arrangements are carried out remotely, by e-mail or telephone.


Get familiar with our offer and become our partner today!


We value

When we receive an inquiry, we analyze it and consult with the client. We familiarize ourselves with individual needs and preferences. We prepare an adequate cost estimate and send it.

The price depends on individual factors, and for serial orders we have attractive rates!

We create samples

To present you with the final look of the ordered item, we create samples. On their basis, we can illustrate the maximum effects we are able to achieve in this particular order.

We perform the order

In the next stage of cooperation, we proceed to the order. Based on the submitted design documentation, we create a program that is transmitted sequentially to our

qualified numerical machine tool operators, who ensure that the work runs efficiently.

We cotrol quality

We check it at every stage of work, but we do not give the customer the ordered products without final, thorough quality control.